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CLASS Descriptions

The following class descriptions are general information by style of class. For complete details, please review the exact class descriptions on individual studio websites.

Foudanton Flow Level 1

Foundational Flow ~ Level 1 ~ Intro ~ Beginner

These classes are designed for the new or seasoned student who prefers a class with detailed instructions regarding alignment and posture. The yoga poses will be broken down to their basic elements and will include variations so any student can safely practice. It is taught at a slower pace allowing for gentle transitions between postures. This practice will have both gentle and challenging aspects to it. This class is suitable for all a wide range of body types, fitness levels, and ages. Benefits of practicing yoga include increased strength, flexibility and awareness of the breath, body and mind interconnectedness. I love teaching this type of class and send out an especially warm welcome to any first-time students. No prior yoga experience necessary.

Moderate ~ Level 1-2 ~ All Level Vinyasa

Classes for “all levels” from beginners to experienced students and everyone in-between. Instruction given during postures and while moving from one pose to the next. The class will be designed around a flow of moderate physical intensity and is more challenging than an intro class. Class structure will focus on breath awareness and the mind body connection. We open the class in quiet, either prone posture or seated and end with the constructive rest of savasana, the classes most often incorporate sun salutations, twists, strength building and balance postures. Classes are great for increasing personal strength and flexibility and may be heated (90 degrees +) or room temperature, depending on studio. Music is (almost) always paired with this type of class and I enjoy making custom playlists to enhance the class, who doesn’t like a little “Born in the USA” or “American Baby” during 4th of July week?! Previous yoga experience is helpful, but not necessary, all are welcome!

Slow Flow ~ Hatha ~ Restorative Flow

This style class begins with centering and quiet, and gentle warm-up. In Slow Flow, a soft vinyasa flowing sequence incorporating breath to movement will be included. In the Hatha classes the postures are held slightly longer and the overall experience offers a relaxed pace and slow, meditative approach to the practice. Abdominal/core strength, hip openers, heart openers and inversions may be explored. Props are always available and encouraged to bring a deeper personal experience to the class. Classes are usually room temperature and end with the constructive rest of savasana. This class type is suitable for everyone.

Restore and Relax

Find balance and bliss during this class retreat. The first half of class will be dedicated to warming up the body and quieting the mind. We will move through a slow, often floor-based, vinyasa flow creating awareness in body and breath. The second half of class will be dedicated to restorative poses with props. Learning how to now use breath to help calm both body and mind during this gentle sequence all while receiving light massage*. The restorative poses will promote deep relaxation and reduce stress. Furthering general well-being, aromatherapy will be offered throughout class.

*note – nurturing touch and aromatherapy are always optional


SPA stands for Senses, Practice and Awareness and all three will be stimulated during the primarily floor based slow flow class with extended time in resting poses. By tapping into the senses and elements, the energy flow through the body’s is stimulated creating a deeper inner awareness and leaving the practioner with a “blissed out” feeling. Set in a calming candlelit room filled with delightful scents and quiet music, students will be offered verbal cues and hands-on assists for ultimate comfort in poses. Supportive touch and massage may be offered, always at your discretion. The class ends with a delightfully extended savasana often accompanied by relaxing, guided meditation. Be prepared to feel like you just walked out of a spa! This class is appropriate for all students.

Power Yoga ~ Level 2-3 ~ Vigorous Vinyasa

The yoga class for the experienced yogi. Power Vinyasa classes are active and challenging. The vinyasas are varied and sequences change to include poses to cultivate strength, flexibility and balance. The practice may include inversions (but if I’m teaching, not hand balances because it’s a “practice” and I’m not comfortable with hand stand and her challenging variations, so keep tuned). You will breathe and sweat and feel physically alive and aware. Options to vary the postures will be offered to meet the needs of your body and time to explore your own personal practice. Classes are often heated 85-100 degrees, and prior yoga experience is highly recommended.

Yin Yoga

In a Yin yoga class, we practice poses that target the body’s connective tissues, tendons, ligaments, and fascia, even the joints of the body that normally are not the focus in more active style of asana practice. Yin Yoga is a perfect complement to the dynamic and muscular power styles of yoga that emphasize internal heat, and the lengthening and contracting of our muscles. The poses are the same or similar to vinyasa poses, but have alternate names and are held over a period of time, in relative stillness, to reach the deep connective tissues. The holding of the postures with breath may be calming and invite introspection. Often meditation accompanies a Yin class. This class takes place at room temperature. Yin yoga is suitable for all levels of students including beginners.  

Moderate Vin - Levl 1-2
Slow Flow
Restore &Relax
Vinyasa Lever 2/3
Yin Yoga
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